IAMOT defines intellectual property (IP) rights as relating to manuscripts, presentations, work products, conference plenary, conference paper, conference panel session recordings, and other formally provided author works, all here after referred to as materials. Under general copyright law, an author’s written work is owned by and copyrighted to him/her unless specific releases are obtained. An author usually desires that his/her works are afforded the maximum exposure possible among his/her peers and associates. IAMOT aims to enable the creation, advancement and dissemination of author created materials for the maximum exposure possible of said work to the author. IAMOT and affiliated societies shall provide the proper credit to authors when their works are reused. Authors whose materials are published in this proceedings certified that they have secured all required approvals and met any export and/or other applicable release requirements to publish their work. Where applicable, authors further certified that their employer and/or assignee have approved release of this material. The authors licensed IAMOT to publish their materials in this proceedings and to use it for all of IAMOT’s current and future sale or use, with no remuneration to the author or assignee. The author and/or assignee retain the copyright to their material. An intellectual property release agreement accompanied all materials that are published in this proceedings and all materials will display a copyright notice which grants IAMOT to publish and use.

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